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I'm Christine Green, and I founded Advanced Hypnosis 4U in Basingstoke, Hampshire when I discovered what a powerful medium for change hypnosis can be. This discovery had me want to share hypnotherapy with everyone. If you want to, the changes you can make for yourself using hypnosis are truly astonishing.


At Advanced Hypnosis 4U, we help you to access your subconscious mind - the part of your mind which stores all your memories, your unconscious habits, your thoughts and your feelings. It's the part of your mind you can’t change with your logic and intellect. We help you do this so that you can, with our guidance, change the old habits of thinking and feeling which hold you back in life.


Having access to this part of your mind is like being able to get to the controls which drive your behaviours and literally upgrade them for yourself. It's truly empowering - the difference between talking about an irrational fear of driving and being able to drive again, talking about stopping smoking and actually stopping smoking.


You can come to see us for help with anything that you see as a problem to you. You can also come to see us if you're as fascinated and delighted with hypnosis as I am, and you want to learn to use it to help others and build a new career. Basingstoke 01256 473420

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